09 September, 2009

The smell of desperation

I finished the spotty Sunday Brunch Jacket the other day but haven't been able to take a photo of it on Hazel because she refuses to wear it. She also refuses to wear the ladybeetle skirt I made her last month. Mat says that it's because she can "sense the desperation" in my voice when I ask her if she wants to wear them. I try to be casual about it, but I guess she's like a cat who somehow knows it's off to the vet 3 hours before you actually have to take it. Psychic or something. I may have to wrestle her into it this afternoon though, even if only for posterity because it's not going to fit her for long I think, which is a pain. Keep an eye out for a photo with a disgruntled model in the near future, and a picture of me in a hat if I can take a photo where I don't look my age (which I feel this morning).

I did get my own back on Mat this morning though, as he bemoaned the fact that she refuses to read the new Pettson and Findus book she got for her birthday, or his favourite 'The Lamb Who Came for Dinner' (which is truly excellent) and I was able to say "It's because she senses the desperation in your voice". Ha! Take that!

Does this look like something that can sense desperation? Well it can. I love this photo - it's blurry but it just looks so much like her, if that makes sense!

Hazel at 4, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

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  1. She gets cuter every time I see a pic of her.



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