24 September, 2009

Cookie decorating party

I have accumulated a large volume of assorted sprinkles, cachou(s?), and coloured sugar and thought that throwing a small cookie decorating party might get rid of some of it. Which it did, sort of, except that I was left with a lot of sugar cookies and icing! Hazel was quite put out that we didn't have any dinosaur cookie cutters so I guess we'd better see if we can find some good ones for next time!

Cookie decorating

Of course what happened was the kids decorated a few and then buggered off to run around and the mums sat and did some very nice decorating which we ate. I sure can't eat icing like I was 4 years old anymore!

Hazel took some sweet photos of things before we started, I need to upload them off the camera she used. In the meantime here's mine:

Silver cachous


I used the sugar cookie recipe here and it's quite nice, although I found this sugar cookie recipe at Blonde Designs Blog today which has cream cheese in it and it looks good.


  1. I'm shocked that you don't have a dino cookie cutter! We love our Williams Sonoma dinosaur cookie cutter set. They were sold a few years ago and can be had on eBay. My husband even modified the head of the t-rex so that he appears to be wearing a Santa hat.

  2. Ha! Love the clockwork oragne reference. Your embroidery took on a whole new look after reading that.

  3. @Nutella - Hazel was shocked too - if only we had Williams Sonoma here in NZ. I'm sure I'll be able to find something nice though, just have to remember to do it!

    @highway cottage - I can't look at it without seeing Clockwork Orange either, I half wish I hadn't typed that out and fixed it in my mind! :))



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