03 September, 2009

Mouse mug

Mouse mug, originally uploaded by Ansis68.A few days off of everything and a feeling that I need to put something up on my blog means a quick troll through my old photos in search of something appropriate! I found this dodgy photo of a really gorgeous mouse mug I found in a $3 Japanese shop; it went into Hazel's Xmas stocking last year. I bitterly regret not getting about 5 of them for gifts because of course when I went back the next week there were none. Oh well! It's the perfect size for a preschooler and I assume that's who they were designed for. She loves it a whole lot and it gets used for hot chocolates regularly. I should really photograph it properly because it has the cutest little round glaze tail on the back of the mug.


  1. ohh, i LOVE this little mug! very sweet. i can see why hazel enjoys having her hot chocolates from it. :)

  2. so very very cute! what a great buy, well done

  3. Hi Jacqui ... is the squirrel part of the mug? x

  4. Sadly no, the mug didn't come with a gopher. See here for an explanation: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2009/08/13/squirrel-banff-photo-brandts-geographic.html I know I know, hop on the bandwagon why don'tcha Jacqui but I couldn't resist!

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