21 September, 2009

Embroidery WIP

embroidery wip, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

Or more properly 'Embroidery I haven't started yet but am wildly excited about doing' Doesn't make as good an URL though :)

I won't say what it's for yet, but I can't resist documenting its progress - assuming it goes well! The scale is on the small side but I think my aging eyes can handle it. It's half of a delightful pattern you can download over at Loobylu. I fully intend on doing the pattern again with both figures and at a much larger size, it seems like the perfect project for over Xmas. I'm doing this one in a medium reddish/orangy pink (I swear, that's the technical term, ask any artist!) because it needs to be, but the next one will be a lovely true red.

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