06 September, 2009

This little piggie...

I made Hazel a little piggie warmer filled with buckwheat a couple of months ago and she loves it muchly and calls it Cupcake. The pattern is from More Softies.

Piggie wheatie warmer

I thought I'd make another for her friend Alex's fourth birthday too and congratulated myself on getting on to it so early! It got mostly done and then sat there languishing in a saggy way for want of enough buckwheat and ill-fitting trotters while Alex was in Scotland for 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS it sat around and when she came back the day before her birthday was it done? No. Was it done yesterday on her birthday? No. Is it done now? Yes! Her party is next week and she got a tiny Ponyville pony yesterday so she's done pretty well actually.

I like the buckwheat in these, it holds heat better than wheat and smells better when heated as well. Win win. The pigs are made from cotton towelling and wool felt, so nothing to melt in the microwave. It's hard when you have to take heating into account when choosing materials!


  1. such a cute piggy! better late than never, Love the fabrics you have chosen, well done! I know it will be loved even when not heated. A lovely pressie

  2. Hehehe... you are a crafter after my own heart.

    I get STARTED with all the best intentions...

    Gorgeous piggie... I want! :D

  3. It IS a very nice piggy to hold - the buckwheat gives them a nice heft and solidity.

    I'm excellent at starting things, or even better at buying the fabric but never doing anything with it. I'm less good at starting and finishing :) But getting better!

  4. That is so cute! I'm waiting for that book to show up here in the U.S.

  5. I'm a HUGE fan of heatbags - I couldn't live without mine. But making a heatbag that looks like a softie? GENIUS! I need one!

    Holly xx

  6. loe the piggy!!! xD my friend just adores pigs and i am thinking of doing a piggy project for her birthday! Thanks for all of your help!!!!



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