13 September, 2009

It's not broke so I'm fixing it

I'm playing around with a tabbed widget over there on the sidebar, trying to get me a nice clean-looking blog. I thought I had it working well in my test blog but of course when it comes to actually putting everything in it's proving a little more difficult! It shouldn't in any way affect your enjoyment of the content, unless you are distracted by the aesthetic debacle that is taking place in your peripheral vision. If you read via a feed then just disregard this :) I find this whole experience just parallels my real life, I long to be a clean surfaces kind of person, with lots of empty space in my life. In reality I'm a hoarder and a clutterer. Despite my love of the clean-looking blog with minimal crap in the sidebar, I've collected a fair amount. I think tabbed widgets could be the blogging equivalent of good storage.

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