07 September, 2009

Hebe flower

Hebe flower, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

Yesterday Mat had to work so Hazel and I walked down to the lovely trail that runs along the harbour edge and had a picnic alongside one of the settling ponds there. We call it Lizard Island because the little bronze skinks come out to sunbathe on the rocks of the ford across the outlet. We stopped by the bakery on the way and Hazel got a gingerbread man and I got an apple turn-over which turned out to be an apple strudel when we got there and opened our little paper bags, and we shared a cheese and ham roll. Hazel watched for skinks and I took in the view across to the city, and down to the bridge and Rangitoto. It was very nice and even the gorse was looking its best covered in yellow flowers and making the air smell like coconut tan lotion. There's a line in a poem my Dad's very fond of that goes something like "golden furze, unprofitably gay", that's what it was. Then we went hunting for plants to bring home and draw. I felt a bit guilty walking home with a huge handful of various things but kept reminding myself they were introduced weeds one and all. All except for this little hebe flower that Hazel picked from a bush near the park. Tiny and perfect. We haven't managed to draw anything yet but we have it booked in for tomorrow.


  1. This picture is so simple and so lovely - perfect! Is there anything you can't do, hmm?!

  2. I was thinking the other day, what is the difference between a weed and a flower? Perhaps it's all in the location where it is growing and in the eye of the beholder.

  3. I think the definition of a weed is just that - a plant growing where you don't want it. I know here lots of 'weeds' are actually escaped garden plants that just do too well on their own in the wild. We have a terrible time with an oxalis in our garden and it really is a beautiful flower and pretty plant but totally invasive and heinous to get rid of. I'm sure in other places it would be an ornamental plant.

  4. Oh yeah, and there ARE things I can't do - like remember numbers for more than 2 seconds. And I count on my fingers sometimes. :)

  5. Oh!...that's
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