09 September, 2009

Reversible Bucket Hat by Betz White

Reversable Bucket Hat, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

Man, it wasn't the looking my age thing that was hardest, it was trying to take a self-portrait with a freaking heavy SLR! Can't find the point-and-shoot anywhere, though I guess one could argue I got more exercise this way :) I also had a bugger of a time finding somewhere that had flattering light on me AND the hat, and as you can see I managed it on me more than the hat. Frankly this was the best of the bunch and I'm not exposing myself to the ridicule of neighbours and passing church groups (who unsuccessfully tried to convert me at the gate) again - today anyways. At least I had a good hat on!

It's the Reversible Bucket Hat from Betz White's new 'Make do or make new' range of patterns. The bonus of it is that it comes in various sizes ranging from baby to woman's medium. It went together quickly and beautifully, I do so love when pieces actually match each other the way they're supposed to. Sadly not always the case with professional patterns! I also like that it's reversible, although in this case I did inside and outside the same - I figured that when one side fades from the sun I'll just flip it inside out and voila! a new hat. The brim is also long enough to curl up at the edges, or just at the front, which looks quite cute.

The only thing I had trouble with was the sizing. The pattern says a woman's medium is a 22" head. I'm a 23". So I increased it 5% but it's too big. It fits great over a ponytail, but I suspect that given a stiff wind it'll sail off. So next time I make it I'll try the 22" size and see how it goes. Can't wait to make several because of course, I won't be able to wear this if Hazel ever deigns to wear her jacket. That would just look too lame.


  1. Just think about all the tricep benefits from lifting a heavy camera! I think you look gorgeous and I agree, it's so nice to get a pattern that you can just sew and it comes together nicely and someone else has done all the hard work for you!

    Holly xx

  2. What a fantastic hat! I'd like to make some of those. The photo is good, it's hard to take pics of yourself. I can't say whether you are looking your age or not, I don't know how old you are :-) I however am looking evey single bit of my (soon, any day now) 37 years, so don't be expecting any pics of me on my blog :-)

  3. I'm 41 so you're just a spring chicken yet. :)

  4. That is such a lovely hat, it's a lovely photo and your certainly don't look 41 :)

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