05 September, 2009

Button box fail

Button box fail, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

The old button box wasn't able to come up with anything for Hazel's jacket, though we did have a fun time trying! If something was suitable there was only one, if there were four then they looked awful. We ended up buying four pink ones. Personally, I would have preferred brown to match the background; but when you are four there is only one colour and that is pink. Or purple. So buttonholes tonight!


  1. Oh, buttons!! I'm paralysed by my button jar at the moment, just need to find a good button for a wee wallet I've made. But nothing seems right ...

  2. I've had that happen too and it's awful isn't it? I guess button collections can have gaps just like fabric stashes :) Buttons buttons everywhere and not a-one to use. (to paraphrase really badly)



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