10 September, 2009

The jacket at last!

I bribed Hazel to come out and do a photo shoot with the jacket - I promised that if she did I'd give her some food. Or should I say a snack. That sounds better ;)

Of course, getting a four year old to smile nicely for the camera is a job and a half. We started out well - this was the first photo, but she was partly out of the shot. It went downhill from there:

Hazel in her Sunday Brunch Jacekt

Hazel in her new jacket

At least you can see the nice collar in this one!
Hazel in her Sunday Brunch Jacekt

Overall the Sunday Brunch Jacket is really lovely. There were a couple of things that I didn't like about the pattern, particularly the way the sleeve fit (there is an odd notch on the corner that makes it hard to fit and that isn't dealt with in the instructions)** and the fact that when you turn the cuffs back up they don't fit properly over the sleeve and cause it to wrinkle. Like the pyjamas I did this past winter, they're not things that really affect the fit, and the next time I'll be able to deal with them by altering the pattern. So for those issues I'd give it a four and a half out of five. The rating is totally saved by the sheer cuteness of the jacket and general ease of construction - I just love how it puffs out at the bottom like a wee skirt. Possibly for this fabric I should have cut it slightly longer but I'm still really pleased. One of the nice touches is having the inner facing finished with bias-binding, and I did the hem with it as well to reduce bulk. I've seen a few online where people have bound every edge and it looks really nice.

Jacket inside

And of course Lucy had to come out and be in on the action, she loves it when we're out in the front yard, I think it makes her feel all brave and part of the pack.


**I asked about this in the Oliver+S forum and it appears that it's simply to reduce bulk at the seam and I guess I wasn't exactly perfect on my seam allowances so the clipped corner on the sleeve didn't match up quite right?


  1. Very cute!! I've had the same trouble sometimes with patterns (the second attempt is always better)!! It is very very cute....great job!!!

  2. I love the fabric and buttons you chose for the jacket... so fresh and fun. Your daughter is darling and I'm in envious awe of her name!

  3. That's a really lovely jacket and beautifully finished. x

  4. I love the jacket, your pics, and your cat! What an adorable little girl!

  5. I have a kitty named Lucy, too and she looks quite a lot like your Lucy! Sadly, my cat isn't the beneficiary of my craftiness either :(



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