31 August, 2009

Sunday Brunch Jacket in progress

Jacket for Hazel, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

Despite the fact this was a few items down on the list of sewing projects, I started cutting it out the other day when I needed something I could do in fits and starts. Of course, once it was cut out I just had to start sewing it! Plus I tell myself that it's now seemingly spring about a month early and Hazel needs a lighter jacket - in this case out of denim.

The pattern is the Sunday Brunch Jacket from Oliver + S and I've really been enjoying putting it together. I don't know if it's the pattern, or just kid's clothes in general, but it's so fast! I got this done last night and it just needs the sleeves, side seams, hem and buttons done. Very satisfying!

I've also cut out a hat for me which will be the next thing, it's time to stop fooling myself that the UV index isn't through the roof during winter too and start setting a good hat-wearing example for Hazel.

Oh yeah, and I did some stunning bias binding so my bias mojo is back - such as it ever was!


  1. These are the kind of clothes that I envisioned sewing and getting Chloe to wear. Now that Chloe has her own mind and decided to go through a tomboy stage I am completely out of luck. So sew, sew while you can! While Hazel is still moldable.

  2. Classic! I have just been reading through your blog (as one does of an evening when the kids are in bed...) and woah! I used this same sweet fabric last year in my first pattern sewing attempts. And although my Sabina is only 2 she too would rather wear her Farmers dresses from Nana and the neighbours! x Louise (arahg it wont let me post a comment with a link so search sunday stitching on my blog)...

  3. Classic alright! Yes they still have the fabric at Global and i think it is on sale RIGHT NOW! Though I probably overcooked it with the multitude projects I did with it... also search Sweet Hearts on my blog to see what I did with the leftovers... and classic that you found the Stackweave too!

  4. Oh and I used to live in Canada too! Fernie BC!



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