12 August, 2009

Party Favour bags

A couple people expressed surprise that there could be debate over such innocuous little things, and I guess it's because it's not a long-standing tradition here in NZ from what I can gather, but has been imported wholesale from the States (like Hallowe'en) and therefore garners a certain amount of resistance in some circles. You know, the whole consumerism/cost issue. I can see both sides but since I bought up with them on a moderate scale that's where I'm choosing to be as a mum. It's hard to not go OTT though, I can totally see that being a big issue for me!

I'd been tossing a few ideas around in my head even from several months ago, but they really crystallised when I saw the Birthday Goodies and papercraft download post over at Chez Beeper Bebe - she'd used lots of things I already had sitting on my computer, like the stickers, and had put them together in a really fun way. So I shamelessly stole several ideas :)

I started with stickers from Lotta Bruhn - the animal ones for the girls and the space ones for the boys. I don't think I actually needed to do that, the animal ones would have been good for everyone but I wanted an excuse to do the space ones too!

I printed them off onto repositionable sticker paper and then cut and peeled them off and put them onto plain paper and stapled them in one corner. This was the bit that took all the time but I couldn't bring myself to leave them on the original backing as it was so ugly! I think they'll work well on windows and walls but haven't had any feedback yet on how good they are.

We also did up little colouring books following the tutorial at Chez Beeper although I didn't end up using her very detailed instructions on setting up pages etc. because we use A4 paper with different dimensions and I also have a husband who uses Adobe In Design :P Had to keep him involved in some way or other!

Goody bag contents

I popped in a few little coloured pencils for use in the car on the way home, and a bag of jellybeans to get them even higher on sugar. Because really, that's what it's all about right? Get them wired on sugar and hyped by running around screaming like banshees and then send them home when they start to crash? The favour bags are the best way to lure them out of the house and into their parent's cars I've found...

The pièce de résistence though were the little brooches made for me by Lyn at Belle and Rose - dinosaurs for the boys, icecreams for the girls. And yes, Hazel's desperate for a dinosaur! They really are to die for - thanks Lyn!

Felt icecreams and dinosaurs

They all went into spotty cotton bags with a ribbon tie. I really should have taken a photo of them together in the basket, they looked really cute!


  1. so cute!!! grandchild #2 will be 2 late october, so mom is doing a halloween party for him. grandchild #1 will be 4 late november, & is into 'dora' (gag< but there is is ). there will be treat bags!!!!

  2. Oh my, those brooches are adorable! Hazel's not a bad judge, wanting one of the dinosaurs, but I'd have to have one of each if I was the birthday girl ;-)

  3. Oh they are so cute. A mutual friend of hours told me about them and I've been hanging out to see you update your blog with details. Great work.

  4. You make me sick!! :) Hee hee
    That is so above and beyond what I have ever done at any birthday party and I am jealous! The other mom's must hate you. I would have loved to see the bags. I might have to do something like this next time. I had no idea there was sticker copy paper.

  5. hi jacqui! i have so much to say - firstly, you're an awesome party planner! and thanks again for including the brooches as part of the party favours. so much detail and planning went to assembling the bag and the party - i'm super jealous of hazel! ;)
    and the fabrics you got from global fabrics are lovely! i'm going through the yellow pages to find out where it is! :D
    and also, i wanted to tell you that the quilt store in takapuna is having 20% off all fabrics. it is on como street (which is a really short street), and it's called renee's red vintage quilts. i'll have more details of the store on my blog tonight, if you're interested :)

    and happy belated birthday to the future palaentologist/archaeologist!
    PS: the crown is gorgeous!

  6. Oh crap, a North American tells me that it's more than they've ever done - please other mums don't hate me because I'm a bit obsessive! :)) I still have an unclaimed bag I should take a photo. They were really easy to make with the overlocker, I just included the ribbon as I sewed them up.

    I was going to use plain old sticker paper but couldn't find it, hence the repositionable stuff.

  7. mwahahaha i'm one of those that usually objects to loot bags ;) but that's cos over here they so often seem to be $30 worth of *junk* from the $2 shop, that has had no thought put into it, that the kids will play with for all of two minutes before tossing them, and that are just done because everyone else's parents are doing them... *rolls eyes* but yours.. yours have thought & care put into them! and quite frankly, are seriously awesome! :D



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