19 August, 2009

I have a crush...

...on Sweden. Does everyone have a country they secretly think they could live in but know for practical reasons that it's unlikely? Well mine's Sweden. I've always been quite keen to visit Scandinavia as a whole, I think dating back to when I was a kid and read a book about Norwegian kids during WWII who were part of the resistance movement. Don't laugh, every love affair has to start somewhere! I had the opportunity to go to Sweden a couple years ago for a Easter Island Foundation conference held on Gotland and I totally fell in love with the country. I'm keen on the handicrafts, the landscape, the cities, the archaeology, the people, the food... I suspect I could be unfaithful with Norway and Denmark too but don't tell Sweden. I've actually been to Denmark many years ago with my parents but remember very little except topless beaches and the Little Mermaid. Hey, I was 10! Oh, and Elsinore. I was reliving the memories as I looked through my photos and I came across some macro photos I'd taken of plant communities in a field near a major archaeological site Uggarde Rojr , a giant Bronze Age stone cairn. I'd intended to use them as screen savers so did a bit of work on them removing some pesky out of focus grasses, and sized them up for my computer.

Uggarde Rojr plants 1440x900

They're sized at 1440x900 and available over at Flickr if they take anyone's fancy.

Uggarde Rojr plants_2 1440x900

I swear it's a coincidence that there's a rock in the top left corner of both! I took them (and several others) because the diversity of plant species, even late in the summer, really intrigued me. You just wouldn't see that here in NZ.


  1. i love how you see things - very cool photos.

  2. Hi Jacqui, did you know, maybe you don't, that my sister lives in Norway? she's just a short drive from Sweden and goes there regularly to shop, it's much cheaper than Norway apparently. She's moving back to NZ in September so I have missed my chance to visit.

    I still have a love affair with France dating from childhood!

    See you in AKL in December!

  3. my crush country is france, although i'd take anything in europe.



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