05 August, 2009


icy plants

Back from the snow and ice (and rain). The rain was a bit of a dampener on the proceedings both literally and figuratively, but fun was still had by all.

Hazel's first snowball (sans gloves the silly-billy)
Whakapapa Skifield

her first sled ride
Whakapapa Skifield

aprés ski chippies
Whakapapa Skifield

This week I will mostly be frantically preparing for Hazel's birthday on Friday and her party on Sunday. I'm currently working on the favour bags but constantly worrying that I'm being too OTT and wondering if I really need to include this or that. Last night I wavered between "no, this is unnecessary and way too much effort on my part" and "yes, think of their little faces lighting up when they see it" every 30 seconds. You'll know of what I speak when I gather everything together beforehand and take a photo. :P I have no doubt some of the mums will hate me and curse my name because favour bags are still a debated topic here - for or against? Only breast vs. bottle and attachment parenting vs. crying-it-out generates more heat in the parenting world at the moment. ;) I absolutely know which side the kids come down on though, bless their acquisitive little hearts.


  1. Love the pictures!and what a proper little snow bunny she is!
    As for favor bags!
    Go for it! You only are a kid once in your life and each birthday is an event to be celebrated. I recon that when you get older these are the things that help create good memories.

  2. Cool photos. I think the thing about stuff like party bags is to only do it if you really really want to (don't do it because of peer pressure) and only if you really enjoy it!!! Nice to have you back :)

  3. I was planning on sewing the bags for Zoe's 4th - not going to feel guilty about it - can't wait to see everyone's faces. Just need to get on and do them now!!! Love the holiday pics. Eliz.

  4. Snow cuteness! Love the vacation pics.

    Are party favor bags really that much of a hot topic? Wow. The things one misses out on, not being a parent!



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