12 August, 2009

Birthday preparations

Let's pretend I actually blogged about this before the party shall we? Great.

I decided that Hazel, being a four year old girl, needed a crown and wand for the party and duly constructed them.

Felt crown

The crown was made from the pattern at Koala Brains, with embellishments inspired by Woodcraft's felt crown and another one that had cute embroidery on it but I'm darned if I can find it again to credit it! I started with the big felt flower, and then had the idea with the button flowers, and then decided to round it out with some little plain plants similar to the ones I've been loving over at Tiny Happy. I don't often do things in that sort of organic way, I tend to be more planned, but I really enjoyed the process of just adding things until it looked right.

Felt crown detail

For the wand I followed the instructions over at Little Birdie Secrets and I think it came out ok, but perhaps would have been better with shorter ribbons and more of them.

Fairy wand

Whatever, I think it looks pretty good and I'll be doing another one for her friend Suzy so will get a chance to get it more to my taste. The best thing about making the wand was curling the ribbons - it's like magic! The only issue I had is a couple of my dowels exuded resins during the baking which soaked into the ribbons and ruined them. Next time I'll cover the dowels with foil before wrapping the ribbon around and that should solve that problem. Made the house smell nice though, like a pine forest on a hot day!

Hazel being four though, didn't really want a bar of either item! She spent most of her party tearing around the house holding model dinosaurs. This created a conflict in my heart - on one hand I was a bit crushed that she didn't appreciate all that hard work, but on the other hand I'm really pleased that she's into dinosaurs! Archaeologists don't dig up dinosaurs, but they really are the next best thing (or possibly even better to be honest) so I'll cross my fingers she becomes a palaentologist and takes her old mum on excavations sometimes.


  1. Love the wand and crown.
    Delightful colours.

  2. The crown is particularly awesome, and the wand is so bouncy-looking and cute :)

  3. They are just fantastic. This is the inspiration I needed for a craft swap I'm doing. The mum has requested something for her 3 year old girl who loves dressing up (what little girl doesn't), as a fairy or princess. Thanks for the links to the patterns they are just perfect :)

  4. Where's the birthday girl in it?

  5. Ah yes, the birthday girl! I have a few photos but since they mostly include other kids I need to do a bit of creative Photoshopping before I put them up.

  6. ohhhh very nice!! and happy birthday hazel! i still have a mental image of her being 7ish months old & peeping out of a sling! ;)



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