19 August, 2009

More Lecien

La fleur du lin Herb by Lecien, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I checked out a new quilt shop over on the North Shore the other day and bought these two fat quarters of La fleur du lin Herb by Lecien. So lovely! I'm hoping to make some fabric bins to put thread spools or somesuch in. I prefer the grey colourway, but thought the two colours together would provide some variety when they're made up instead of two boxes exactly the same. The only thing is that when I unfolded them to take the photo I noticed they'd both faded quite badly along the fold lines! I'm really upset about that but I'm still debating if I'm upset enough to take them back. You can see it particularly on that centre fold on top, it looks like highlights on the fold but it's mostly fading. Bugger! I suppose it's possible that would be the bottom of a container... you can see I'm already trying to convince myself it's not worth going back, such is the way of a lazy person ;)

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  1. I love those FQ's they are gorgeous.!!!!!



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