28 August, 2009

An inspirational fashion collection

I'm really loving the clothes designed by Milli over at In My Shoes (In My Shoes: Fall collection in progress). Not only are they the kind of thing that Hazel would love, but it's nothing short of an inspired idea and I'd really like to give something similar a go this summer. I have no idea what kind of clothes Hazel would draw, she's never shown much inclination and most of them at the moment are of dinosaurs, cats, fish and mermaids; but I'm sure by the time she comes to start school in a year we will be at the stage creatively (both of us) that we can try one or two items!

1 comment:

  1. jacqui! yes, you and your dear hazel should do this! it's such a great thing for both mother and daughter.

    **thank you for your kind comments on IN MY SHOES. your blog looks divine. i'll be checking back.



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