16 August, 2009

A new header

Who would have thought it would be so fraught?! I'm still not entirely happy with it so I expect there will be more fiddling around to come. Mostly it's the font and font colour that I'm finding hard, I'm totally respecting bloggers who change headers regularly! I actually started out with a photo of a bowl of flowers that Hazel picked a couple days ago, but after much fiddling and fun with Photoshop I decided that, while I quite liked what I had, it just wasn't me! In so much as a blog header can express a person's entire personality ;) It sort of looks like a menu header for a rather pretentious cafe. Love the font though, it's called Zapfino. I have no idea if it's always been there or if I downloaded it at some point or what, but I do like it.

So any suggestions or comments about what I've got so far would be appreciated! I sort of have a very unformed idea of what I'm going for, along the lines of "I'll know it when I see it", which is no help in actually finding it in the first place! I get the same way about shoes too.

ETA: Well as you've noticed if you are reading this on my blog, that new header is gone and the old one is back up! But this is what it looked like so if you have any comments I'd still like to hear them! You can see it larger by clicking on it.


  1. It's very nice but I am a person who doesn't like change so I miss your original one especially as it is such a gorgeous picture. The flower bowl is very pretty but it doesn't make sense to me if I was visiting your blog for the first time I would wonder, "what do flowers have to do with being a crafty archeologist?" I think if you change it it should be something to do with crafts like the one you are using now or maybe using your felted rabbit or something else you made,
    or just ignore me because I know very little about the craft blog world.

  2. My son helped me with mine, I agree that it is difficult, My suggestion is to ask your friends who know you well to help you. I love your new header personally

  3. Lovely colours on the new banner ... but I like the sewing machine foot banner too .. Out of the two, the sewing machine one seems more appropriate for the content... but it's up to you. Perhaps if you put some stitchy bits on the new banner ..? x

  4. I agree with Jess - not sure that the flowers scream 'crafty', though I love the colour of the background and the font. Could you maybe pick several of your favourite projects and work pics in to the header somehow?

    I do prefer the current one to the pencil option - the font on the sewing machine header is really nifty :)

  5. The green flower one is definitely not in the running - it took itself out of the pretty early on!

    I think I might have to resign myself to being a blogger who has the same header forever instead of the bloggers who I admire who change theirs fairly regularly and always come up with something cool. I hate accepting my limitations!

  6. good. dont like the flowers you're right it looks like a pretentious cafe :)

    the coloring pens is nice but i like the original better... maybe change it up 4 times a yr - with the seasons?



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