17 August, 2009

Change is not good apparently

I had a look at the blog this morning and I just didn't like the new header in the hard light of day so I've taken it down and put the old one back up, much to Jess's relief no doubt! I'm glad my reaction to it this morning was so immediate because there's nothing worse than wondering if something's ok one minute and then being sure it's not the next. I still want to change it at some point but clearly need to put more thought into it.

Today is archaeology stuff so I bid you all adieu while I wrestle a journal paper into submission and do some editing on a report.

Fieldwork - trowelling, originally uploaded by Wessex Archaeology.


  1. I like the original header still. It's pretty!!
    As for your fabric scores from a few days ago, greatly digging the ladybirds, fish and seahorses. Nice!!

  2. I like this compromise header, with the original fabric scene (very textury) plus any new fonts you pick. Please always keep the fabric though!



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