23 July, 2009


When I very nervously sent off links to my tutorials to a couple of crafty sites I never expected to get this many visitors! To be honest I wasn't even sure if they'd get posted up, but it has really exceeded my wildest bloggosphere-domination dreams (and they're pretty huge let me tell you). The neat part about it is that I get to give back a little of what I've gained over the last year or so, namely heaps of fabulous ideas and great tutorials that didn't cost me a cent. I like the idea of other kids running around wearing a felt mask and saving the universe or clutching a beloved little rabbit and their mums getting all the credit because that's how it should be. So hi to everyone who has decided to follow me, or put me on their Reader or Bloglines - I'm really flattered and I'll try and keep it at least moderately interesting around here. :)

Ok, Hazel is having a moment in her bedroom after getting into the stretch lace I bought yesterday to make some undies and cutting off a bit to staple to a piece of paper and she's crying up a storm. I should go and see if she has an apology for me so we can both have cuddles. The incident did make me measure to see how much I really needed (just estimated at the shop yesterday) and I'm way WAY under what I need so a snippet off it isn't a big deal in the end (luckily for Hazel!). That awful child at creche yesterday may have been right about me needing to lose some weight. Out of the mouths of babes and all that! Who knew that two thighs and a waist could add up to so much. :P


  1. Wow! I love the felt bunny and the pink mask, Thank you for sharing.
    You have opened my eyes to the possibilities, not just kids i Imagine a young womans hen night!

  2. I'm so pleased that people are enjoying these tutorials! The masks would be great for adults too, just scaled up a bit. They're very comfy!



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