16 July, 2009


Pins, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

A little OTT perhaps but necessary (and rather pleasing to the eye)! I love linen but boy do I not like sewing with it, it stretches, bunches, skews and the weave shows every wonky cut or uneven seam. It makes me feel inadequate! I'm attempting to pin it into submission here, I'll let you know how the struggle goes next post although I doubt there will be any close-ups of my topstitching - I'm rapidly discovering how unforgiving stitching in the ditch is!


  1. Wow, pinorama! You have more patience than me. Good luck with your linen.

    Love your bunny tutorial. What a great job. Excellent photos, very clear directions. Very professional.

    I have been falling behind in my blog reading and I am trying to catch up.

  2. What is it you're making, there?

  3. Well it's a birthday present for a friend of Hazel's, but since his mum reads this blog occasionally I thought I'd try (probably pointlessly because I bet she's figured it out already) to keep it a sort of secret until Sunday. One of the big drawbacks to having real life friends and family read your blog. I'm going to be so screwed come Christmas because I won't have anything to blog about, it'll all have to stay secret!

  4. OMG !!! I've never seen that many pins before on one item. I think you should just give up linen, I like the look and the feel, but doesn't it wrinkle heaps? Can't wait to see what you are making with it.



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