19 July, 2009

Coloured Pencil Roll

So this is what I've been all mysterious about - pencil rolls.

Pencil Roll 1

The pattern is from 'Last Minute Patchwork + Quilts'. The pins were necessary because I discovered as I went up and down the lines to form the pockets (see second photo) the fabric was being pushed up and down alternately and it looked awful! I'm not sure if this would be a problem if all the fabrics were cotton or not, but the linen was certainly prone to moving. Just goes to show the importance of choosing the right fabric for the project! Luckily it wasn't a deal-breaker, just a PITA.

Pencil Roll 2

I decided that since I was doing two for today, I might as well cut out the fabrics for four altogether, another one for Hazel and a spare for one of several more birthdays coming up! I haven't gotten to those two yet, I must admit that after I've done the same project a couple of times I usually lose interest in it, although this time there were new issues with the second even after I'd dealt with the first's issues, so I'll be striving to do better on the third! Seems I should have done Hazel's first to iron out the problems and then go on to do better versions for friends but that's not how it worked out and what will they know? Unless they read this post that is...


  1. Okay now I am totally depressed this is almost exactly what I was making to surprise Hazel except it is with crayons not pencils :( Yours is much nicer though. I may still make it but now it won't be very exciting. Oh well that's what happens when you don't work on a project.

  2. Wow, it looks great!!!! I've made heaps of these, but using cotton, and doing a cheats version (only one colour for the inside). I relly like yours, not sure I'd have the patience to do all the colours on the inside.

    Well done!!!

  3. This is such a good idea! I think I will to try make one for my brushes and charcoal pencils :)

  4. Hazel could totally use one of these for crayons - honest! I'm hoping to get her pencil crayon one done for the car trip to the snow next week, I think they'd be ideal for travelling - so she needs one for her crayons too obviously :)

    The different colours are all very well but I had a flash of insight last night that of course it traps you into buying that brand with those colours - if you care if they match that is.

  5. This is the MOST beautiful pencil roll I've seen on~line! Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love how you have done the colours to match the pencils, Cool stuff

  7. you and jess never cease to amaze me. i'm so envious at times :)



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