02 July, 2009

Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas Colors, originally uploaded by jonmatthew photography.

Are you planning on making lots of things for Christmas this year? Did you swear last Christmas that this year you'd really take the Handmade Holidays pledge and start early enough to succeed? Well here I am to remind you that there are only 176 days left to get crafty for your nearest and dearest. Thinking about this might be harder for those of you in the throes of summer I will admit. I distinctly remember thinking last year that if I wanted to make things for this coming Xmas I'd need to start in July. Hahahaha! I've actually tried to think about it but I'm darned if I can think of a single thing to give anyone. 'Tis (not) the season - yet.

I've been on a bit of a sweater felting binge after reading Sewing Green, doing old sweaters from up in the attic instead of dropping them at the local hospice op-shop. It's always so amusing to put an adult-sized garment in the washing machine and take out one that could almost fit Hazel. All except this one seemingly unfeltable thing that says it's pure wool but I swear, it's just not budging, even after two washes at 60C and through the drier! I think it actually IS wool, it's just such a thick yarn in a very loose knit (it's from Peru originally) that it has actually felted you just can't tell! Perhaps I'll send it along to the opshop after all, slightly smaller (but not much) and very clean!


  1. Start thinking about Christmas now - right at the beginning of July?! Are you crazy? Yes it would take me the next 5 months to get all the presents made - but starting to think about it now will turn my hair grey!

    If only I had some sort of time machine device that would let me enjoy summer without needing to panic about Christmas presents... oh well, no such luck so I had better just get crafting :(

  2. Yes, well I planned in january to make a christmas present every month to fend of the manic sewing that November brings along with all the end of year stuff. Hmmm have I begun?? no not yet. I do know what I'm going to do, I'm going to make picnic table clothes for everybody with four tent pegs to hold them down, and a wee bag to put them in! But have I started? not a one!!

  3. I think I just ruined Jess's carefree summer. Ooops! :P I like your present idea Deb, lovely and summery!



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