26 July, 2009

Too cold!

It's too cold to sit in the spare room and sew and I'm too lazy cheap to turn on the heater and do anything. So first off a recommendation:

You really owe it to yourselves to go and check out The Toymaker's free paper toys, cards, puzzles, games, boxes and really just everything! The stuff is beautiful and whimsical, and more than a little bit old-fashioned and sweet. While it has things for both boys and girls (and grownups!) I'd say its strength probably lies on the female end of the spectrum, with some delightful toys designed around fairies and stuffed toys. I'm going to print off a few things for Hazel for the car trip down to Taumaranui this coming week.

The last of the pencil rolls went off today, I finished the second two up with lovely pink spotty ribbons for Hazel and Chloe, so I hope they get well-used! The adults seem to be more enamoured of them than the kids to be honest :) Apparently I could have sold several to the graphics folks at my council after they saw one, flattering but oh boy I can't imagine doing any more in the near future! It's not a hard project, just fiddly - but like all things I do I really can't do them more than once or twice before I get bored to the point where I dislike making them. Even if I really really love the outcome. Now I must admit that over the last couple years I've toyed with having an Etsy shop, or a Felt one, but have never done more than that. I think now I know what I probably suspected all along, I'd be hopeless! At least if I kept up my current mindset about doing the same items over and over again. Perhaps if you're doing it commercially you look on it more as a job - just for interests sake I'd be interested to hear from anyone who does sell their wares on how much of a factor repetition and boredom is?


  1. awesome link to the toymaker. thank you!!

  2. have an etsy shop and do one of a kind items.. they make more money anyways if they're unique



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