05 July, 2009

The quest for daytime crafting 1

Thanks so much for all your commiserations, suggestions and moral support on constructive ignoring of your children. I'm quite determined now and I'm calling it "The Quest for Daytime Crafting'. I'll keep you posted on progress! I had to laugh at some of the suggestions you had, they brought back memories of my mum and what she used to do if I came complaining that I was bored. She usually told me to tidy my room which was a great incentive to find something else more entertaining!

The last couple days have been good, I've managed to get a fair bit done on the quilt and she's been quite relaxed about it. However, it's been the weekend so Mat's around to distract a bit, the real test will be this coming week - probably Thursday. I'm just going to be firm about it (har har) and ease her into it by helping her find things to do initially, and be willing to break away a few times to inspect whatever she's doing. Then as she gets used to that I'll start being a bit more firm about not interrupting me and see where we go from there. I need to keep in mind that I AM doing her a service, especially as an only child, and she will be a much happier individual for it in the long run. Plus, there is nothing wrong with being bored occasionally, I'm not sure why we're all so scared of it these days.

abraham darby

And apropos of nothing, a photo of a rose called Abraham Darby that I took a few years ago. I imported all my old photos and old iPhoto libraries into my current one and while it's become far too large and unweildy and will need to be backed up and pruned, I'm finding all sorts of old photos I'd forgotten about! I did a series of close-ups of flowers before Hazel was born with the intention of putting them on blocks of wood - never happened but they're so gorgeous!


  1. Before my son was born, I read an article about how we need to let our kids be bored. Becuase being bored helps them to use their imaginations. The article was in a parenting magazine and it was so "spot on" it's discussion on this. I wish I still had that article. Even now, with Brice only one, I try and make sure he plays on his own...but it's hard, I feel guilty with him being so young. But I have to start now, or it will only get worse as he gets older. In many ways i'd like for him to have a sibling, but i'm not sure if that will happen. One of the main reasons for a sibling is for him to have company...I played with my little brother a lot as a kid. I wish you luck in your Project Crafting!

  2. Gorgeous photo, you!

    And yeah, being "bored" is good for a kid. There's nothing wrong with learning how to entertain oneself, and the younger ages are a great time to start good habits like that.



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