22 July, 2009

Birthday Invitations

Birthday Invitations, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I finally got around to distributing Hazel's birthday invitations I created from Go Make Me's .pdf - took an embarrassingly long time but I make the excuse that I was busy discovering that my printer won't print on any paper heavier than 200gsm. An expensive lesson to learn! I think they turned out really well even on that weight paper. I just realised that the swings are facing the wrong way to the camera on the two front trees, you can see on the back one that they actually look quite 3-D and sit-on-able. I also had some 'issues' with my printer scaling things, so some of the trees ended up being smaller than they had to be! So printables aren't all sunshine and roses, there can be "technical difficulties" in producing them :P


  1. Those are so cute I don't even know what to say!

  2. the invitations are superb! hazel must be so excited to give them to her friends :D
    i found the eftpos receipt for the purchase i made at the takapuna quilt store. and on it, there was the address. yay! it's 521 lake road. the name of the store is "renee's quilts and gifts".
    thanks for the comment on the bunny :). it's going to used for a softie (lol, the only thing i make really). but i have seen how they are used as decor - embroidery + hoop hanging on the wall. such a brilliant idea, especially if you're making cutesy baby/girly stuff for children's room.

  3. EEEEK!! LOVE THESE!! I think I will try making some of these out for my daughters first birthday at the end of the year. Thanks for sharing!!

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