19 July, 2009

Sewing Green Slippers

Sewing Green Slippers, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I made these slippers from a felted wool sweater on Friday - and then did another pair for Mat that evening! They still need suede on the bottom though. Then I finished sewing one of the pencil rolls so I truly felt like some sort of project queen. They're lovely slippers and it's a great pattern. I altered the sole shape a little to suit my foot which has a big big toe and small little toes (perfectly adapted to the stiletto shoe!) and I did the whole sole with suede on the base. The pattern calls for two circles, one on the ball of the foot and another on the heel, but I figured that this was a bit more practical although not as cute-looking! I'm having a bit of trouble with the insole though. The pattern says to "slip" them in but they shift around something chronic so I'm going to have to tack them down. Otherwise I'm totally and utterly thrilled with them - so comfy and soft!


  1. Sure first you steal my crayon roll now my slippers for your husband. I am just crushed.

  2. too cute!
    I love them they look so lovely and warm

  3. Are the ankle parts actually the wrist parts of the sweater? Clever!

  4. They are very comfy and snuggly!

    Jess, great minds think alike, you know that. Mat will just have lots of slippers and yours are actually warmer but I can't keep pestering you to make them for me (my ones from HF have worn out)! Must fend for myself!

    Shelly - I thought the same thing when I saw the pattern, but it's actually the ribbing at the waist, the wrist is too small. I was being stingy with the sweater so went across one of the side seams. I meant to put that seam on the inside of the ankle but got confused and it ended up on the outside for all to see! Oh well...

  5. Oh, like I would notice where a seam is. 0.o

  6. I love your slippers, may I ask where you go the pattern?

  7. Thanks! The pattern comes from Betz White's book 'Sewing Green' but I think she might sell the pattern separately from her site http://blog.betzwhite.com/



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