22 July, 2009

Aierbazzi font

Rhymes With Orange posted a link to Font Squirrel and I found the most gorgeous font ever - Aierbazzi! It's not actually a font in the traditional sense, because it gives you something like this:


This was just done by pressing keys semi-randomly, but if you had the character map you could get pretty specific with your placements. If anyone does a cool one let me know! Hey, you could actually just send the list of keystrokes couldn't you, like abytvg, and then people could generate their own. Mine was done at 700pt in Photoshop, I couldn't get Word to recognise the font, not sure if that's because it's a Windows font and I'm on a Mac. Next time I'll try in Illustrator because I reckon you could get all fancy with kerning and orientation...


  1. Hmmmm..... Okay, I'll have to see if I can play with that font. It looks fun.

  2. Wow, that looks like so much fun! I just came by via a link to your felt bunny on WhipUp. It's SO cute! I would love to link to it if you didn't mind.



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