17 July, 2009

Shedding blood for the cause

Here's a handy tip for anyone stupid enough to use that many pins on a fairly small area of fabric - when you inevitably impale yourself on one several and bleed on the present you are making for someone else, wad up a length of thread and soak it with saliva. Then dab at the blood with it until the immediate area is soaked and the blood will magically disappear! I was told this by a friend who made costumes for Opera Australia and bugger me if it doesn't work! Something to do with the enzymes in the saliva apparently. It certainly saved my bacon when I made my wedding dress - and in this case too. Drops of blood may be all very romantic in fairy tales when they fall on the windowsill or the snow, but not in real life!


  1. I've heard this too. Haven't had the chance to do so yet though.

  2. Oh goodness, this is much more civilized than my quilt teacher taught us (and that I might have done on several occasions) which is to just spit on that quilt, girls! Very lady-like of me, huh?

  3. lol you reminded me of when i was 'sewing' my Strider costume by hand - lots of scrap leather and lacing etc - and stuck myself a good one... i decided to bleed on the fabric :) (maybe i shouldnt have told anyone that!)

  4. I've never heard this one before! How cool. Luckily I haven't had to use a trick like this yet *knock on wood* but I will remember it when I do. By the way, thanks for the cute tutorials. I must make a bunny!



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