24 July, 2009

Simuliidae larvae

Simuliidae larvae, originally uploaded by weirdbuglady.

My dad's an entomologist and sent along this link to a softie blackfly (sandfly) larvae which is what he specialises in. Go and check out the rest of her stuff, it's really quite brilliant! I just wish I'd thought of doing something like this first :) The fans look just right, although I'd have to defer to him on how anatomically accurate it is exactly.


  1. How awesomely cool! Love it
    Good on dad for sending it to you.

  2. wow. i imagine lots of thinking was required to get all the parts resembling that of the real one. i lack patience for that :D
    by the way, did u find the quilt store? i went to takapuna again yesterday, and the street the store is on is como street. i have no idea why the receipt read lake road instead. i hope you found the store tho.
    and rosey buttons blushes because she wears blush :)



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