13 July, 2009

A work in progress

A work in progress, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

I'm back! I'm working on this hush-hush project at the moment, but couldn't resist taking this photo today, I loved the springy-ness of the pieces - much more interesting than when they're ironed! Wouldn't a skirt or jacket that be so neat done like this? I know it'd only last a wee while, but it'd be fun while it did. A skirt would literally bounce up and down when you walked I think.

I've been learning so much sewing all these strips, what with all the cutting, keeping an even seam allowance (that dreaded 1/4" even with the proper foot!), keeping all the strips even across the top, squaring them up... steep but fun curve.

Off to see the film Ponyo with Hazel and Mat tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. What gorgeous colours, and wonderful fabrics! I just want to reach out and touch them :)

  2. looks like something I've made before (though it's still unfinished) - much prefer your choice in fabrics though. Looking forward to seeing end result ...

  3. Oh those fabrics are beautiful! Can't wait to see what your hush-hush project becomes!

  4. ohh! loving the fabric colours :)

    the quilt/fabric store is in takapuna. i cannot remember the name of the street, but it is very very close to westfield mall, and is directly opposite stirling sports (which is in westfield mall). i can get the exact adddress the next time i go there (which is mid august-dental appointment). it's new, and it's not even listed on the yellow pages.
    i've not been to the one in devonport, but i've visited the store's website before. it looks to me like it stocks more of fabrics from the States (?) rather than Japanese ones.

  5. Ponyo was good! The only problem was that it was subtitled and of course Hazel couldn't read those, so we had to whisper to her what was going on. Not ideal but we all had a good time anyways.



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