27 July, 2009

Undies attempt 1

Effort: A
Achievement: F

I took a pattern off my favourite pair of underwear and made some up today. I cut it out of an old black tshirt, being clever with the placement so as to be witty while being crafty and all that. They went together beautifully, beautifully. Seriously, I was so impressed with how darn easy it was, and how great they looked when I was done.

I followed the construction technique they used for the originals: sew crotch seam, sew lace around both legs incorporating gussety lining bit, sew up one side seam, sew lace around waist, sew up final side seam. It's quite good because it minimises how often you need to sew seams in the lace.

But. BUT. (or should I say butt?) I forgot to allow for the lack of two-way stretch in this tshirt so while they looked pretty much exactly the same as the originals, when I put them on they were, how shall I say, not quite extensive enough in the vertical sense. They stretched side to side fine, the lace looks great! but yeah, a lot of plumbers crack kind of means they're not going to go into high rotation like I'd been hoping. I'm not sure if I've got any tshirts with the requisite amount of stretch, so may have to go and buy some more appropriate fabric. Still, yay on doing it and showing myself that it's possible to get a good result on my first attempt. Plus the pattern is fine to continue on with. An artist doesn't blame her materials I know but I totally do in this case!


  1. Brilliant, never thought of making my own underwear. They look fantastic, bummer about the builders crack LOL

  2. I'd never thought of it before a couple of years ago. When I first heard some people do I really thought it was an awful concept because really, what kind could they be making?! Scary granny underwear? But then I began to see some really nice examples, like over at Angry Chicken (http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2009/02/stripey-set.html), and took a closer look at mine and realised that hey, why should I pay all that money for such a simple thing? It's taken me a long time to take the plunge though, such a shame the first pair are unwearable.

  3. This really made me laugh!
    Good on you for the effort though..

  4. Hey I like the way you changed your text on your header. It's perfect.

  5. They are awesome! I think you should just hang them up in the bathroom as a decoration :) Who needs undies to fit anyhow??

  6. my brother sews his own underwear due to being too cheap to buy it ;0 i'd love to do my own but yeah, the fit... hard enough to find a store bought pair to fit my butt as it is.

  7. Wow! knickers are so expensive that if you get hte stretch factor right, you could save yourself a fortune!! They look great! x



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