10 July, 2009

Here's my doctor's note

I've been laid low by the dreaded conjunctivitis the last few days, it's been heinous. I've had it before after catching it from Hazel who very thoughtfully brought it home from creche, but never this bad. Apparently I also had something with a long name which means my eyelids were involved as well, but essentially I was looking like the Eye of Sauron with very puffy lids. I doubt Sauron actually had the puffy lids because that's only terrifying on a "omg please don't let me get whatever she's got!" kind of level, but I totally had the blood-red-evil-overlord eye. Still do actually, but due to the wonders of modern medicine (aka antibiotics up the wazoo) that's all I've got and it's more like Sauron's second girl cousin's pink eye now. Still not up to doing anything involving staring hard, which includes the computer, cutting fabric or sewing, so I guess I'll be off blogging and sewing for a couple more days. Luckily watching tv is ok, I must blink often enough doing that. Obviously Sauron wasn't much into quilting.


  1. im sorry but thats just really funny how you've written this up i mean, not that you have to endure this of course.

  2. I'm with Donna. I do hope its ok to laugh, cause you've made something nasty sound so funny!

  3. argh. I've gotten that before, and yes, the eye will somehow resemble that of Sauron's. Lol.
    I do hope you are feeling better today :)
    Also, I forgot to tell you that if you have any problems with the brooches, feel free to email me.

    And *puff puff - sorry, this is kinda long* also, I would like to say that I enjoy your blog immensely and I have passed on a blog award to you :). If you would like to play along, you are most welcome to hop over to my blog.

    have a super sweet weekend :)

  4. Perfectly fine to laugh, if you can't laugh at something like that it'd be too depressing!

    Lyn - thank you so much for the lovely award - not sure when (or if) I'll have time to accept it and do the 15 bloggers but we'll see :) Oh, and Hazel desperately wants a dinosaur brooch so I guess I've got another order for you. She's pestering me endlessly at the moment. I'll email you when I get a second.



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