31 March, 2009

No crafting

Autumn garden, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

No crafting, not much of anything. I've got (well had now) a sick husband and a sick child and have a touch of the cold myself. Too much tv has been watched and too many computer games played by the young Miss.

Tomorrow, however, I shall wave them goodbye as they leave for creche and work and I shall do something creative. Like have a cup of tea maybe. Pet the cat. Blog. But no! I have plans! Especially trying to track down the pattern for my bunny* which I have, erm...misplaced somewhere. I shall be mightily annoyed with myself if it's gone because I'll have to try and copy the dimensions off Hazels and that will be a royal PITA to put it mildly. Especially knowing that the pattern is somewhere, neatly stored in a ziplock bag, placed somewhere clever by yours truly at some point when I "cleaned up". Just not somewhere clever enough to be immediately obvious now.


Hazel's bunny


  1. you know... i think i would like a bunny for a housewarming gift when i move or perhaps bday pressie in august. he's really cute

  2. Very cute bunny! Hope you find the pattern.



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