20 March, 2009

Hot Cross Buns and Cards

I think I made myself sick eating one and a half of these this evening.

Hot Cross Buns

(they're not quite as yellow as this, my light source was still set to 'daylight' and it's night now) I grew up having the cross iced on rather than as a flour paste and I definitely still prefer it that way.

Hazel drew this to go on the front of her Grandad's 89th birthday card. Apparently it's a whole lot of little bears.

Card by Hazel

She's been working on her name for almost a month now - the urge to do it and all the letters came within about three days, now she's refining it. The E has the right number of bars on it (almost as opposed to about 8) and it's all in a line. The Z still needs to come in the middle but hey, work in progress right? I adore the round little faces with their big eyes and happy smiles. She says she can't draw sad faces and I figure that's a good thing.


  1. Could you share the recipe for the hot cross buns please? :)

  2. I never told you what a fabulous drawing that is! I can't believe you gave it away it is so nice I would have framed it.



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