28 March, 2009

How did I not know this?

Heather Bailey posted about using a feed aggregator last week and I felt superior because I've been using Google Reader for like, forever. And then she posts about the 'next' button and I am put in my place. Maybe everyone else is in on this but just in case there is some poor benighted soul out there like me who isn't - if you go to the 'settings' tab and choose 'goodies' you can add the 'next' button just by dragging it up to your toolbar. Then you can just click through your unread blogs one by one instead of viewing them in small on Reader. I think sometimes I'll want to pick and choose, especially now that I haven't checked it for a couple days and I have about 50 to go through; but sometimes the randomness of "what comes next?" will add much-needed excitement to my life.

At the moment I'm finishing up a pair of slippers for Hazel made from Heather Ross's Sole-ful Slippers pattern. I've got one finished and the suede sole to put on the other. I'm sort of at an awkward point because I actually don't think it's such a great pattern. Sure it looks good, very cute, great idea, I like the construction method, but...they don't fit well and are a kind of odd shape. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when they're done and the model is a bit more co-operative. I hate putting in the effort on this last one though, when I have a feeling they won't be worn much, and will be more annoying than anything. Oh well, not everything's a winner right?
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