09 March, 2009

My favourite fabric

Getting the wee pouch from Terri reminded me to do this post and to get on to something I've been meaning to do for ages.

I bought a grab-bag of scraps from Purl Soho last September and when I got home to New Zealand I found a scrap of fabric about 20cm wide that I absolutely adored but no indication on the selvege as to what it was.

Ume-Komachi 'Blossom'

I searched the shop website, searched other fabric sites under ‘floral’ which is really like looking up Smith in the phone directory. then, vaguely dispirited I ended up at True Up to look at pretty fabrics that actually had a name. I spied the link to ‘Best Fabrics Ever’ and clicked. What was the first fabric on that post? MY fabric and now I know it’s Ume-Komachi ‘Blossom’.

Ume-Komachi 'Blossom'

From what I can gather it's no longer made and not available in this colour, although it is in others. I might try posting it over at Missing Fabrics although I don't hold out much hope. I think I'll have to resign myself to just this scrap and figure out a project that uses as much as possible and that I'll use lots and lots. The thing that really burns me is that it's used on an apron in 'Seams to Me' and I have to look at it and know that it's not destined to be mine!

One fabric that IS mine however, is this 'My Folklore' by Lecien, which I've been coveting for ages. Precioussss...

folklore by lecien

I asked Hazel if she'd like a blouse made out of it and she said "I've got lots of shirts mummy" and I said "oh, ok" in a disappointed way. Then she said "but I need more dresses" with a little tilt of her head and a winning smile. Baggage. Not enough for a dress though, or she might have got her way. :P


  1. I love the my folklore fabric - fantastic! :)

  2. I have been coverting that Lecien too for a while now.

  3. Why coundn't you make a dress with a cream bodice and skirt in the coveted fabric?

  4. Lecien does such fantabulous fabrics, I'm so excited to have this one! I was buying something else for a project from this shop and I saw it and...well my finger clicked and that was it. I'm glad I had such poor impulse control though :)

    Jess - I want the fabric on something for me that won't be grown out of in a year! I'm going to be selfish on this one.

  5. I love the Folklore fabric! I saw it on another fabric website a few weeks ago and fell in love with it, but never write down its name, and knew I hadn't a hope in hell of finding it again - as you say, like looking up 'Smith' in the directory. Thank you, thank you!

    I love your pincushion, too!

  6. Glad I could pay it forward with the Lecien for you Antonia, it was such a rush for me to find out what my fabric was it seems right to do it for someone else.



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