13 March, 2009

Drafting and graduating

Whee, my invoice for gown, hood and bonnet rental arrived in the mail today, I'm really doing this! May 4th I'll finally get to wear the outfit that I think perhaps was the only thing that kept me going at times - I was so determined to put on the fabulously mediaeval bonnet that PhDs wear. LOL, I guess whatever it takes...

I took this photo completely unaware of the typo it contains - of course the second I actually looked at it on screen my eye was drawn to it like it had a big neon sign over it saying "missing space! missing space!" I told Mat there was a typo and he looks and says "well this sentence is a tautology...is that what you mean?" No, that wasn't what I meant and thanks for pointing it out. :P The thesis is 300 pages, double-spaced, single-sided in case you're wondering. Not that I counted or anything.

My mock-up phone cover worked beautifully, almost scarily so. I'm assuming it's not always so easy. My only problem is closures, I might post more about this when I have something to actually show you and canvas opinions.


  1. Just call me stupid I have no idea what either of the mistakes are if what Mat said is a mistake.
    It looks beautiful you are so smart.

  2. BTW I think you have a wierd obsession with your graduation cap and gown O-o



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