25 March, 2009

Oooo the excitement!

Today I had a guest lecture to give to a third year class, so I took advantage of being on campus to check out the art supply store there. They had most of what I wanted to make stamps, but a limited choice and no breyer, so I'm not completely set up yet. I got 3 sheets of lino, some carving tools, some fabric paint (black and green) and two Staedtler erasers for trying little stamps.

stamp carving supplies

None of it cost very much, I figure if I like it and prove to be decent enough to satisfy myself, then I can get better supplies and equipment.

These carving tools cost $16, so I'm guessing they're not all that flash but if they can do the trick for awhile there's a nice Speedball with my name on it out there somewhere :) Plus they have squirrels on them so how could I resist?

stamp carving supplies

I certainly don't need this many, but it was the only set with a fine V-shaped one and a broader U-shaped one, plus the squirrel thing. The erasers were a total bust. If I'd been paying attention I'd have seen that they had small flowers embossed all over them so they're utterly useless for stamps. I guess they'll just have to revert to their original purpose!

I've decided that my first larger print will be a squirrel, I just need to come up with something. I'm not particularly gifted in that sense, and I have a strong tendency to inadvertently copy designs because I simply can't get them out of my head. Like these little guys from Kristen Doran!

I will try and do something myself I think, I'd feel prouder of the final product for sure. Speaking of squirrels, I highly recommend this post over at Whoopee, I'm still snickering over it and wanting to do the same here although perhaps I'd need to subsitute 'possum' for 'squirrel' to make it more applicable (and scary).
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