09 March, 2009


Yay, finally got to take photos of everything. Well not quite everything because I can't find one lot of buttons and I forgot to include some lovely ribbon that matches one of the fabrics. Also, I have a confession for my fellow swappists - I was carefully keeping all the fabric with the envelopes so I knew who sent what and could credit you but in a fit of excitement I showed everything to my mum and then realised I had no idea what went back with what. I do sincerely hope I thanked everyone for everything they sent but I have a sneaking suspicion that a set of buttons, some wool, and a button on burlap were not included in any thank-yous! It's been great getting to know some of you and I'm so looking forward to my next swap :)

Fat Quarter Swaps

I also got this lovely pouch from Terri, which is doing duty as protection for my phone (Hazel tried very hard to get it away I must say).

Ume Komachi pouch

I think that one of the best things about swaps is that you end up with things you might not necessarily buy yourself and it stretches both your colour appreciation and your stash in new ways! So thank you to Catherine, Deb, Dione, Viv, Maren, Regan and Terri! I hope I got all the links in that I should have.


  1. I got the fabric, it is awesome! Thanks again.

  2. Isn't is great to get some fabric for your stash!! I have to confess that I could never think of what to do with the Amy Butler I sent you, even though I loved it, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!

  3. Great to hear Ana Louise!

    And yes it is a great way way of redistributing fabric Deb, I'm totally appreciating that side of it. I had the same issues with the fabrics I sent out, some I didn't know what to do with, some I just didn't feel the love for anymore even though they were very nice. Better someone else uses them than mouldering away (figuratively!) in my stash. And you know what? Your fabric is already set to go into my next big project, and maybe the ribbon too, so it was perfectly timed. That's why I forgot to photograph the ribbon, I'd put both with the other fabrics I'm using and had to fetch them back again for the shot - but missed the ribbon :P

  4. Love the pouch! Absolutely gorgeous.



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