14 March, 2009

Snuggle taggie blanket

Baby Amy has her snuggly taggie blanket so I can post pictures now. I wanted to copy one that I'd bought in Sweden at DesignTorget over a year ago now (how time flies!) which was simple squares of fabric with tags sewn in and a plain backing. I had all the fabrics and wanted to centre it around the cute fabric with the little girl and the black cat, and mum suggested that I try a simple quilt block look. She helped me figure out the dimensions and showed me how to sew it all together which made it all seem very simple but I'm quite sure that next time I try this kind of thing I'll get myself hopelessly muddled at least a couple times :) Getting the pink in the right places was actually the hardest part as it proved to be the 'pop' colour against all the rest and very noticeable as to its position.

It came out beautifully, although I have to say that as an adult the concept of chewing on bits of ribbon don't really do it for me - I did a wee 'road test' to check mouth feel and I can honestly say that velvet ribbon is heinous. We'll see what Amy thinks.

Sewing on the minky backing was horrible, the nap pushed it around against the cotton and I was so scared that it would come out hopelessly wonky, but somehow it worked itself out in the end and although it's not as perfectly square as it started, it's not that noticeable (the camera has distorted it quite a lot in that first photo too). And of course the minky is utterly divine, you can't help rubbing it on your cheek and stroking it fondly. Well I can't anyways. :)

ETA: After looking at this post published I'm not very impressed with the quality of the images. They're lovely when you click through to the original, but these smaller views are really hazy and unfocused. I wonder if it's better to link from Flickr than use Blogger's system? I might have to choose a way of putting in photos and stick with it based on actual final appearance rather than vacillating like I am at the moment. I apologise if in future you find posts appearing and disappearing with images all over the place, it's just me playing :)


  1. wow i have always wanted to make one of these - brilliant! wouldn't know where to start though - good on you!

  2. I love this! I work in a preschool and I have seen a lot of these kind of things but never this cute!

  3. The back is divine I love feeling it and if Amy doesn't take a liking to it I am going to sleep with it ( but I will draw the line at chewing on the tags)
    Thank-you for a fabulous, one of a kind baby gift. I really think you should go into production.
    Amazing the difference in picture quality!
    For all of those who don't know me I have to tell you that I have two black cats along with 3 little girls so the print couldn't suit us any better :)



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