11 March, 2009


I'm now minus a small 1cm-ish basal cell carcinoma off my left shoulder by my neck. The local hurt the most of anything, although the sensation of having it cut out, or should I say the lack of sensation, wasn't very nice at all. The doctor showed it to me floating around in formaldehyde and I said "oh that's big!" and he laughed and said "that's small!" to which I replied "yeah maybe, but that's ME in the jar, it looks big!". It's starting to hurt.

To take my mind off being hacked about, I started drafting up a pattern to make myself a cover for my cell phone, which is preliminary to making Shelly one for her iPhone. I'm doing it all properly with unbleached cotton first, and then the real fabric. Not that I know what 'properly' is, I've never drafted a pattern from scratch all by myself, I've always had something to leap off from. It's actually very interesting and involves much complex brain goings-on inside my head, to paraphrase King Julien in Madagascar. I was so sad I didn't enjoy the second movie as much as the first, although King Julien was still delightful (as my mum would say). And the penguins, the psychotic penguins are my favourites by a long shot. But I digress! Or do I, I don't actually have anything left to say about phone covers :)

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  1. Oh no: another boo boo to watch, to say the least!

    Well, I've been using this rubber case for the iPhone and it does make it bigger. Now that it sounds like you're going to so much trouble, think I should send updated dimensions?



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