10 March, 2009


The fabric printing course this weekend I'd been looking forward to for so long was cancelled because not enough people signed up. So disappointed. I'm going to go out looking for the stuff I need to carve my own stamps and do stencils etc. though, I've got all this fabric that needs using up! I was really looking forward to having someone actually teach me how to do this, instead of muddling through it on my own. It's not that I can't figure it out, I'm sure I can, but someone showing you is just so much more efficient and by far the most natural way of learning. If the NZ dollar wasn't so shocking right now I'd be ordering up large from Dick Blick or similar, although it may be that when I pop into Gordon Harris they will have everything I need too. You never know here, sometimes it's a bit of a wasteland for crafting supplies, sometimes you are pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand it was a lovely sunny day today, a touch on the cooler side (22 degrees) and I'm of the firm opinion that a stiff G&T and very dark chocolate can do wonders for your outlook on life.



  1. Carving stamps is not so hard. If you can't find all the proper supplies a good way to start is with normal erasers and a lino cutter. (Or if needs be a razor blade)

    I agree with the stiff G&T and chocolate. But I tend to get a bit weepy with G&T I am better with a vodka!

  2. To me G&Ts are really only good after a really hot summer's day as the evening creeps in, preferrably somewhere dry and dusty like Syria (where I first discovered why they're so legendary while on a dig). Still, they do the trick when required :)

    I probably should start small with little eraser stamps, but I'm a bit hopeless with things like this and go for the big impact, complicated things straight off :)) I need to get ink and breyers etc. first anyways.



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