29 March, 2009

Heather Ross's Sole-ful Slippers

I'm having a bit of a love-hate relationship with these.

Heather Ross's Sole-ful slippers

As I said I like the look, the way they're made, the overall appearance, but functionally I'm not so sure... Here they are on Hazel. Cute eh? But look at the way her toes are pushing against the tips.

Heather Ross's Sole-ful slippers

And then look how much space there is at the back. The elastic is the only thing that holds them on and they're loose as it is, so while I expect if I loosened it her foot might be able to come back a bit, they'd never stay on.

Heather Ross's Sole-ful slippers

I made these at the end of last winter but they were miles too big so it was quite a bonus when they fit this winter! From memory I had to fiddle the size quite a bit and also put in a curved instep and toe which seemed kind of necessary for fit. I remember trying to figure out my size at the time and giving up because they were so oddly shaped. I think you'd have to create your own personal template based on tracing around your foot. Perhaps they're worth playing around with a bit more because like I say - cute!

I have been enjoying my stats counter recently for all the neat places people come from plus as well as the lovely colours they use. I must admit to being addicted to site visits etc. for awhile but that pales eventually and the other stats become much more fascinating!

And of course since I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user (and have been since the Apple IIe) I find this figure very interesting ;)


  1. They do look beautiful but I can see what you mean about the backs.

    Fun stats. Might have to check out mine. Those things become so addictive though!

  2. Stats are worse than crack. At least for me. I'm soooo glad I've moved out of the "how many people visited today" phase!



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