01 April, 2009

Scrappy goodness

I still haven't found my bunny pattern but I spent an enjoyable hour up in the attic with my newly organised stash, pulling out scraps for a couple projects.

WIP scraps

In finally putting all my fabrics together and sorting them by colour I discovered that I did indeed have blues, but still very few oranges or yellows. But at least now I know :)

WIP scraps

Ah look at those dead and antiqued hydrangeas in the background - autumn is definitely coming. Aside from a few flowers, the garden is looking tired and scruffy and in need of a tidy-up and a rest. I noticed some of the bulbs already poking their heads up ready to go in a couple months, so I can look forward to primulas, poppies, bulbs and spring roses in the not too distant future (there are some benefits to not having a real winter!).

Autumn garden
Metrosideros 'Tahiti Sunrise' (or sunset, I forget)

1 comment:

  1. Really lovely fabric there! Good luck with your projects post PhD.



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