28 April, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Memory Game

My friend Steph was given this Life on Earth game awhile ago and I absolutely fell in love with it when I first saw it - she left it here by accident today when she came for a play date (well Alex did technically) so I've taken the opportunity to blog it!

Life on earth game

Now memory games are a dime-a-dozen but this one is special because not only are the tiles so lovely and thick and rounded on top, but the artwork is stunning. Several notches above the usual kiddie art or commercial dreck we're served up in fact.

life on earth tiles

The blurb on the box says that the artwork was inspired by Charley Harper's work and I can see that when you check out prints like this one available at Fabulous Frames). Or any at his official studio website Such cool stuff! And all from a little memory game...

Eeboo have some fabulous gear on their website, even the notebooks are great. I loved these 'tot towers'

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  1. Nicole loved her stacking blocks like these ones. Hers had Beatrix Potter art work



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