25 April, 2009

Blogging in Pink

I downloaded the free ebook Blogging in Pink from Scribbit last night and even though I'm only a couple chapters in I'm so impressed - it's a brilliant resource full of advice and tips.

I just wish I'd read it before I started blogging last year! Not that I'd have done much different I think, but even the section on how to choose a platform would have been great. I ended up here at Blogger sort of by default through having a gmail account, and I must admit to lingering doubts as to whether I should have gone with Typepad instead :P Plus she mentions that Blogger accounts get looked down on as being less professional - has anyone come across this? I was surprised to be honest because so many of my favourite blogs are on Blogger so how could it not be a cool place to be? Perhaps I'm the kind of dork who doesn't know they're a dork ;)

I also like the discussion on attribution and the importance of commenting and giving back to the community. I'm thinking particularly hard about the latter because I'm constantly bowled over by the generosity of other bloggers (such as this book!) and have so many free patterns and tutorials and images sitting on my hard drive it's like a treasure-trove.
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