26 April, 2009

The redrafted bunny pattern

This is the first bunny from the pattern I drafted off Hazel's after I lost my original pattern (still hasn't shown up darn it, I guess it will when the redraft is perfect!). The colour-cast in this photo is dreadful, I need to redo the original - it has far too much red in it and the body fabric looks dreadful!

Rebeccahs bunny

A few issues to resolve - the face is too long and the body is too wide. There's something up with the arms and legs too, although that may simply be a consequence of the body being a bit too big. They look spindly somehow. I've never been hugely happy with them and now I'm even less so. Perhaps I need a rethink on shape and proportion. The ears are pretty good though, better than the original. So I'll do the changes to the pattern and try again. I do need a different fabric for the face and paws though, the wool I've been using is too liable to fray and too hard to work with, despite the fact I like that it's wool and it's a lovely creamy white. I'm sure I can find something more suitable if I hunt around. Any suggestions from readers? The reason I like it is that it's slightly stretchy but not too much, so it stuffs well and holds its shape while being soft and squishy.


  1. Well I do too actually, it's just the 'issues' niggle me :)

  2. He's still a very cute bunny, even with spindly limbs :)



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