11 April, 2009

Warning, quilting can be hazardous to your health

What, fingers cut off by rotary cutter? Stabbing with pins? Cutting with scissors? No, not yet. Late nights, late nights'll kill you. I stayed up late on Tuesday night doing blocks for Amy's quilt ("I'll just finish this one and get to bed), couple that with going off daylight savings and therefore an hour later even than the clock said and bingo! the cold that has been lingering around our house got me good and proper. I spent Tuesday night alternately shivering and sweating, and Wednesday comatose in bed (luckily Hazel was a daycare). Made a recovery only to be laid low again this morning with a 38.5 C temperature and no energy. Spent the day in bed with Hazel hovering around being concerned and trying to cheer me up with drawings of rainbows and sad fish crying because it's morning and they want to go back to sleep. Oh I do sympathise fishy! After much drama and tears we've got her to sleep and I plan to follow soon. I've promised her I'll be better tomorrow and I do want to keep that promise! I remember how discombobulated I used to feel when my mum was sick. The world wasn't right until she was back on her feet. Funny to be on the other side of the equation. So my life has come to a screeching halt in all regards until I beat this lurgy.

Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone! I'm off to plant the easter egg hunt clues for tomorrow and then collapse into bed to listen to the radio and sweat and shiver. TMI? I just want lots of sympathy :)

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  1. Hi, thanks for the great read, it's always nice to pop in and visit your blog. Hope you feel better soon!



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