05 April, 2009


tulips, originally uploaded by Ansis68.

The quilt proceeds apace, with 5 central squares cut and surrounding borders. I'm so struggling with inches though, it's just so clunky and difficult to remember compared to metric! Luckily my cutting mat is also in inches or I'd be going even more mental. I suppose I could convert everything but it gave me something to swear at instead of the tv while I watched Miss Marple being butchered in some dreadful remake of 'Nemesis'. What's wrong with the original story that they had to hack it around like that, completely change it, introduce new characters, and change Miss Marple's way of doing things? It really doesn't make sense and it makes me sooooo mad. Now she's just the same as any other old detective, she's not unique, she's not a fluffy old pussy anymore, she's a gimlet-eyed, prune-faced old bat. Sigh. But of course I watched it all the way through to the end just to really get myself good and ticked off. :P

These tulips were given to me by a friend on Thursday and and this morning they just glowed in the sun pouring into the kitchen. I took this as I ate my breakfast in blissful solitude after being gifted a sleep-in by Mat and Hazel.

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